Best Blockchain Developer Certification

There are numerous training and certification bodies out there, but which one would you choose? Cheap one? Most popular one? Genuine one? What if you get all this one place?

Check out Blockchain Council that had already begun making Best Blockchain Developer Certification and certifying professionals when other trainers were merely researching and compiling content online.


Benefits of Blockchain Council Certification include global recognition of your skills, better annual salary as a blockchain developer and recruiters trust your profile better with Blockchain Council’s Training and Certification. Get certified now and improve your chances for a better professional career: Check out these links for more information on course content

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I am a Blockchain Researcher, Developer & Consultant. Founded Allchains, Blockchain-as-a-Service Company. Earlier founded SaaS-based mobile application security company Wegilant (Appvigil). I am very passionate about new technologies like Blockchain, IOT, Application Security, AI etc. I am also the part of Forbes 30 Under 30 list of 2016 in Technology.