6 Ways A Blockchain Marketing Agency Promotes Investor Awareness

Investors always find ways to diversify investment portfolios to protect wealth. When it comes to investment decision-making, most investors take time in research before putting money into a potential investment, such as blockchain.  

While blockchain is popular, many investors don’t have an in-depth understanding of how they can gain high returns by investing in cryptocurrency and other assets involving this technology. This is when a blockchain marketing agency enters by promoting investor awareness on blockchain investments. 

Find out how a blockchain marketing agency can help increase people’s awareness about blockchain investments. 

  • Content Marketing 

Blockchain refers to a technology that records information in a highly secure digital ledger, distributed and duplicated across computer systems, making it impossible to modify, crack, or steal.  

Blockchain technology has evolved, dominating different industries from financial technology (fintech), gaming, cybersecurity, to retail shopping and social media metaverse (new-age internet). A blockchain marketing agency develops relevant and informative content to raise investor awareness on the success potential of blockchain investments, such as crypto trading and bitcoin individual retirement accounts (IRA). 

Content specialists or writers who have a background and training in blockchain create blogs, feature articles, case studies, webinar topics, and other digital content for investor consumption. Many companies hire the services of blockchain marketing agencies to supply a regular number of articles to publish on their websites to promote their blockchain solutions and investments.  

  • Search Engine Optimization  

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves all technical efforts to increase a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) by conducting in-depth keyword research, link building, and content management.  

SEO and content marketing were usually combined to increase a brand’s visibility online. When a potential investor searches for information or enters a query on the search box of search engines, top SEO-optimized landing pages will show up on the first page of SERPs.  

When a blockchain investment brand or company implements good SEO tactics, their website will more likely have more visitors or traffic and potential leads. Those investors will more likely read their blogs on various blockchain topics, such as decentralization finance, and encourage to invest in their offerings.  

  • Social Media Marketing  

As mentioned, blockchain technology has also captured the social media world. The metaverse will potentially employ bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as incentives for content contributors in the future. 

A blockchain marketing agency can use social media to raise investor awareness in using blockchain technology and boost its online presence. Blockchain marketing agencies usually have a tight and vast network of connections, consisting of blockchain marketing experts, analysts, and investors.  

When investors understand the role of blockchain technology in social media, they can support their own organizations in funding their marketing campaigns to win more customers and increase their revenue. 

  • Email Marketing  

Interested investors usually provide their name and email address on the website of a blockchain investment provider. A blockchain marketing agency can launch an email marketing campaign or electronic direct mail (EDM) campaign to increase investor awareness about blockchain.  

For instance, if many investors show interest in bitcoin IRA, a marketing agency can create a catchy title and informative content about this topic to draw their attention to the investment product. Marketers will follow up to ensure their clients generate enough leads for their business.  

  • Video Marketing  

If you have a blockchain business and you want to attract more investors, you can hire the services of a marketing agency to launch a video marketing campaign for you. You can create your own videos or collaborate with the agency to create one for you to represent your business. 

A marketing agency usually runs a digital promotion of your sponsored video or video-on-demand across online channels to promote investor awareness. In that way, your business will generate more demand for your target investors.  

  • Paid Ads  

A marketing agency has the right people to create and publish paid ads by working with a vast pool of publishers. Since blockchain investments are barely new to start-up investors, they need to see reliable resources to verify the information.  

When investors see banner ads about blockchain investments on high-authority websites or online publications, they’re more receptive to learning more about this type of investment.  


A blockchain marketing agency can implement different digital marketing strategies, such as content, social media, and paid ads to promote investor awareness. Blockchain marketing agencies help companies attract more investors by boosting their online presence across different websites and social media channels. If more investors understand blockchain entirely, the demand, acceptance, and support for this investment will increase, benefiting both investors and blockchain investment providers. 

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