5 Practical Tips on Writing a Great Research Paper

Research papers are academic writing pieces that come with great importance as they occupy a decent share of the grades in school. It requires in-depth research and good writing skills to put together a good research paper. 


It might seem like a mammoth task as it involves intensive research and requires patience and practice. Start small, and all you need is some time commitment and ideas to put together something that your professors will like and grade you highly.

Organize yourself


The first and foremost thing is to be completely organized with the entire process of research paper writing. Collect all the materials you need before you sit down to start writing or reading. It is a good idea to set a schedule for writing the paper. You can either make a timetable or an online task manager that helps you keep a tab on your progress and make amends based on the timelines.


Keep a buffer time in between for the days that may go unaccounted for. If you think you will need ten days to complete your research paper, keep a timeline of 15 days as these buffer days will help you ascertain the paper. If you derail somewhere midway, you will still have time at hand to make amends and get back on track. 


Research paper help when needed


Writing a research paper is a fairly lengthy process and comes with great importance. Your college professors are keenly looking towards reading your research paper and grading you. You can use Edubirdie for essay examples, finding writing experts, and finalizing the piece. As a student, you will come across many research paper assignments as you complete your education in college. Switch to taking help from online portals where a team of expert writers is available to help with your research paper. 


Make notes while you research 


Research is of primary importance when it comes to writing a research paper because that lays the foundation. Select a good topic that will help you provide plentiful information and data. 


Firm up your research with key data that helps strengthen your writing. Start making small notes or nothing down all data that you find useful. Save the sources of information and plan everything in a good manner. Keep an excel sheet or online document where you save your notes. These will come very handy once you sit down to write. 


Research is the center stage and the hero of your research paper. If you have less information to showcase, it will create loopholes in your writing, and the result will not be close to your or your college faculty’s expectations. 

Create an outline, then write 


An outline is the first step to writing the research paper and based on this framework, other things fall into place. You can take help from someone experienced to help you create one, or you could even lookup online for references and ideas. Once your outline is somewhat ready, you can move to writing. 


Take the time to go step by step or section after section for writing. You must start writing only after an outline is complete. Look for sources and ideas online, or take help from online tools to understand the writing style and language for a research paper. 


Edit your piece well


Editing is the main deal when it comes to research paper writing. Your first draft will have many loopholes and gaps. It is the editing that will fill the gaps and put a good structure to your writing. You can either edit it yourself or look for help outside. Online tools are perhaps a great option for proofreading, spotting grammar errors, and plagiarism. 


Keep aside some time for good editing. During the process, you can even take help from a designated editor or your college professors. Once you are done with editing, now is the time you submit and relax back to see what the professors think about your research paper. Put it in a neat file, and print a high-quality copy. Once you have submitted, wait patiently for the results, and discuss your research paper with peers to get a better understanding. 




It is about practice and time commitment before you learn the right ways to write a research paper. You may start school and land many research paper assignments in college. The first time can feel challenging, but once you understand the groove, the task gets easy for you. Seek help and guidance whenever you feel stuck or at a lack of understanding of the next step. 

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