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Addressing Gender Bias in AI

Exploring both the technical aspects and societal implications of gender bias in AI, Dr. Emily Barnes’s presentation, “Addressing Gender Bias in AI,” provides an analysis of how this bias reflects societal stereotypes, particularly in machine learning.

Dr. Barnes emphasizes the substantial impact of the underrepresentation of women in the technology field, highlighting its influence on AI development and the wider technology industry.

The presentation includes case studies from different sectors to illustrate the extensive influence of AI bias. Dr. Barnes not only identifies the fundamental causes of this bias but also suggests practical strategies for its mitigation.

The presentation underscores the importance of equitable AI, advocating for industry professionals to champion a future where technology is inclusive and free from gender biases.

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Dr Emily Barnes

Lindenwood University – Chief Digital Learning

Dr. Emily Barnes stands as a vanguard in integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into higher education, demonstrating her expertise as a dynamic leader and a strategic innovator. Her influential roles, encompassing Chief Digital Learning Officer, Provost, Chief Operating Officer, and Interim President, have been highlighted by expertise in data sciences and AI, marking a significant transformation in the educational landscape through technological advancements.

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