Blockchain is Not Just For Techies: Here is How

Blockchain is Not Just For Techies: Here is How

Wondering whether Blockchain has a good career opportunity for non-techies or not? Do you want to get started with Blockchain but don’t know how to code? No worries, this article has got you covered. 

Table of Contents 

  • Non-Tech Jobs Getting Recognition- A Trend Change
  • Career Opportunities in Blockchain Technology
  • Top Non-Tech Blockchain Jobs Roles and Skills Required 
  • Conclusion: How to Upskill?

Non-Tech Jobs Getting Recognition- A Trend Change

If you are looking for non-technical jobs in the Blockchain space, congratulations, you have made a wiser decision.

Although tech jobs have enjoyed their share of the limelight, gone are the day when technical jobs were known to acquire the central stage. At present, this trend is changing, and non-tech jobs are getting recognition as people realize its importance. As such job roles are getting a lot of public attention and reputation, it is becoming harder for job seekers to choose between the two.

Coming to Blockchain jobs, due to the recent spur in technology, there are a lot of futuristic career opportunities in this domain. Today Blockchain technology has gone far beyond its association with Bitcoin and is now finding its use-cases in almost all sectors, including supply chain management, healthcare, logistics, digital identity, and much more. The technology is proving to be relevant for coders and non-coders as well. 

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Why Career in Blockchain Technology

Beyond the hype, there are many logical reasons why this is a perfect time to enter into the Blockchain space. 

High-Paying Jobs Across Top Companies

If you are a Blockchain enthusiast, you must have read a lot about top companies and firms adopting Blockchain for their business operations.  Top companies across the globe, such as Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, and others, are recruiting technical as well as non-technical Blockchain talents in huge numbers. Even government institutions and startups are leveraging this technology and hiring Blockchain professionals in mass.

Ample Opportunities for Techies and Non-Techies 

Right from Blockchain Developers who code and build decentralized apps to Blockchain Architects and Blockchain Experts(for non-techies) who understand the functional aspects of technology, there are ample career opportunities for each of them. In addition, non-technical roles in the blockchain industry get paid more than jobs in other sectors.

Soaring Demand for Blockchain Skills 

At present, the demand for Blockchain Developers is soaring, and recruiters of top institutions are searching for skilled professionals who understand this technology profoundly. They are ready to pay extra salary packages because of the fact that demand is highly outweighing the supply.

If you want to become a non-techie Professional, favorable changes are on its way. 

Blockchain as Multiple Applications 

There is a myth that Blockchain is restricted only to cryptocurrencies, but the truth is that its  applications are diverse, and its utility can be seen in various sectors, including finance, supply chain, art & music, content creation, healthcare, logistics, real estate, etc. The wide range of applications implies that companies will hire professionals who can work on Blockchain-based platforms.

Top Non-Tech Blockchain Jobs Roles and Skills Required 

Let’s explore some of the most demanding non-tech job roles:

  • Blockchain Project Managers
  • Blockchain Architect
  • Operation Manager and Risk Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Content Writer

The current lack of talent in Blockchain positions are making these roles in high demand.

Let’s move to the next part and discuss what are the skills required for non-tech roles in this space. 

  • Learn about Blockchain basics and fundamentals
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of decentralized and distributed ledgers
  • Understand how different Blockchain platform works
  • Grasp what is Blockchain mining, security, and privacy
  • Learn About enterprise business processes
  • Understand Blockchain Architecture Patterns, Ecosystems, and Standards

Conclusion: How to Upskill?

It’s true that salaries of non-technical professionals in the Blockchain space are skyrocketing, but in order to achieve high-paying jobs, you need exceptional skills. You need to have a systematic approach to learn about Blockchain and develop the required understanding. 

Blockchain Council, a globally recognized online platform, offers online training and certification courses specially crafted by top-industry experts for non-techie roles. The platform offers Certified Blockchain Expert training, focusing on the functional aspects of Blockchain technology and teaches how to use and implement this technology across various industries.

Apart from this, the platform offers Blockchain Architect certification along with other specialization courses such as Certified Blockchain & Digital Marketing Professional Certification, Certified Blockchain & Law Professional Certification, Certified Blockchain & Finance Professional Certification, and many others.

These Blockchain certifications will provide the required in-depth knowledge of some of Blockchain’s core concepts and will prove to be the gateway to a lucrative career in the Blockchain domain.

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