Blockchain Professional

The exciting potential of blockchain technology has transformed how businesses and industries function, paving the way for blockchain professionals. Keeping the demand of blockchain professionals in mind, our blockchain certifications are diversified to meet the discrete needs of each.

Our Blockchain certifications are meant for a duration of roughly 6-8 hours, and to be completed as a self-paced training. Blockchain Council ensures excellence and quality in every module that is prepared by our team of expert savants and cognoscente. We provide you with lifetime access to all the course material. The Certified Blockchain Expert is a comprehensive course on Blockchain technology that can provide you with knowledge on how to use and implement this technology across various industries. The is an ascending demand for a blockchain expert in every organization at present and growing with each day. This online blockchain certification will introduce you to public and private blockchains, blockchain mining, blockchain architecture, setting up your own blockchain solution, blockchain use-cases, etc.

The Certified Blockchain Developer is an in-depth and rigorous training for the blockchain developer certification. This blockchain developer certification covers a variety of basic and advanced modules. From understanding what is Blockchain, Multichain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, Corda to what makes each unique. The blockchain developer certification will provide you with thorough knowledge of all the different types of blockchain technology.

The Certified Blockchain Architect will provide you with exhaustive knowledge on blockchain architecture. This blockchain architect certification will help you master the concepts of blockchain architecture tools, business components of blockchain architecture, technical elements of blockchain architecture, how to translate requirements into functions, architecting your own Blockchain solutions, etc. As a professional, it’ll aid you in enhancing your career skills.

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