Top 5 Ways To Recover Funds From Crypto Currency Scam

Cryptocurrency has become a popular digital asset used for several transactions in today’s digital world. To avoid fees and maintain anonymity, an increasing number of people are using cryptocurrency to purchase products and services and conduct payment transactions. Not only that, but investors also hold different digital currencies as investments to gain more profit.  

For these reasons, cryptocurrency has also caught the attention of many scammers in the digital world. Primarily, a crypto scam refers to an illegal scheme that involves stealing your digital assets through phishing, blackmail, Ponzi schemes, and fake exchanges, among others. 

If you’ve been scammed, you’d feel devastated because of what happened, and you’d ask yourself whether the stolen funds could be recovered. Although there’s no 100% guarantee of recovery, there are ways to increase your chances of getting back your money.  

Below are the top five ways to recover funds from the cryptocurrency scam: 

  • Look For The Transaction Identification (ID) Code

Before you can possibly get your crypto funds back, you’ll need to find the transaction ID code used by the scammers to steal your money. 

These ID codes will enable you and the authorities to trace the money and see where it’s going. Even if it’s still possible to follow your money without the codes, having this information can speed up the investigation and boost the odds of recovering your funds from the crypto scam.  

To get the transaction ID code, you should look for the unique string of numbers and letters that show crypto movement from a particular address to another. When you have these ID codes, you and the investigator can obtain information on the sending and receiving addresses, fees, and transaction amounts. Consequently, the scammer can be identified as quickly as possible.  

However, if you want to understand better how cryptocurrency scams work and identify them, you can learn here or check some reliable resource websites for more information. 

  • Monitor Your Credit  

After knowing that a crypto scam has victimized you, the first thing you should do is check your credit report. This is to identify and obtain information on certain fraudulent accounts opened in your name. You can use the details of the fraudulent accounts to track down the scammers and potentially recover your crypto funds.  

On top of that, it’s also essential to add a fraud alert to your credit report to safeguard your account from scammers. With the alert in place, cybercriminals will no longer use your identity to open a new credit account in your name. To file a fraud alert, make sure to contact the credit bureaus in your area.  

  • Document The Scam Properly  

Losing track of vital information about the cryptocurrency scam can significantly affect your ability to recover your money from the scammer. Because of this, it’s crucial to document the situation accurately and properly. Whether it’s text messages, emails, or other correspondence, make sure to keep track of these sources of information for fund recovery purposes.  

To ensure proper documentation of the cryptocurrency scam, you should collect the following information: 

  • All transaction ID codes involved; 
  • Any information regarding the scam, including the scammers involved, how the scam started, the amount of money lost, exchanges involved, and when the scam happened; 
  • Other relevant information necessary for the investigation.  

Moreover, you should also secure access to the accounts where the funds originate. This is especially true when the investigators will require you to prove the ownership of the crypto account to expedite the investigation.  

  • Notify The Crypto Exchange About The Scam  

If you use a specific exchange to fund your crypto account and send funds to a scammer, it’s best to report the scam to them. Tell them that the recipient of your money is a scammer so that the exchange platform can provide added security to your account.

Although this step doesn’t guarantee recovery, it can help increase your chances of getting your funds back by encouraging them to look for patterns that will help trace the scammers. Moreover, notifying the exchange will also make it more challenging for cybercriminals to scam other users in the future.  

  • Report The Scam To The Law Enforcement Authorities  

Although it doesn’t assure fund recovery, it’s also best to report the cryptocurrency scam to your area’s designated law enforcement authorities. 

Typically, when you report a scam, the government will track down the criminals and get your funds back for you. Hence, don’t hesitate to work with your government.  

For example, suppose you’re a U.S. citizen. In that case, you can report any fraudulent activity involving crypto to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission. 

If you’re living outside the U.S., try to check where you can report a crypto scam to recover your money.  

 Wrapping Up 

Dealing with a cryptocurrency scam can be frustrating, especially if you have no idea how to get your funds back. But, by keeping the information mentioned above in mind, you, with the help of the investigators, may be able to track and seize your money from the scammer in no time. 

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