Top 5 NFT wallets of 2021 to Check in 2022

Top 5 NFT wallets of 2021 to Check in 2022

The quick growth of NFT has attracted huge attention over the past few months now. As more and more people are gradually turning to the crypto industry, the demand for top NFT tokens and their wallets is also increasing. If you are new to using cryptocurrency, having an NFT wallet is a must for any exchange.

An NFT Wallet is a Must! Here’s Why

Consider this blog as your a-to-z guide to succeed in the crypto world in 2022. If you are investing in the best NFT tokens, you need a digital wallet to buy things on blockchain.

Simply put, you can access your blockchain assets with this digital tool. An NFT wallet is no different than your regular wallet. It records all your purchases, sales, and NFT transfers without any glitches. Use the private key to authorize your transactions.

Additionally, it also strengthens your security with a two-factor authentication feature. Read on the blog, there’s more to the story. With a single digital wallet, you can also keep track of your crypto assets across multiple devices.

So, set your NFT wallet before rushing to the marketplace to trade with cryptocurrency.

How Can You Choose an NFT Wallet? 

There are a few important features to consider while choosing an NFT wallet. Those include-

  • You need a wallet that supports the NFT marketplaces you will buy from.
  • Top NFT tokens are worth thousands or even millions of dollars. So, make sure the wallet you get is the most secure one.
  • You need an easy-to-operate user interface. As a result, buying and selling NFTs would be a seamless and effective process.
  • Always look for cross-platform use so that you can access your wallet from both mobile and computer devices.
  • Your wallet must support as many NFTs as possible so that you have a wide range of options.
  • So, now you know the need and usefulness of an NFT wallet. Let’s discuss the top five NFT wallets that will make you win the crypto game in 2022!

What will be the five best NFT Wallets in 2022?

Metamask, the Best Crypto Wallet

Metamask is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency wallets available out there. You can seamlessly access the NFT websites and marketplaces with this browser extension. Moreover, Metamask stores multiple addresses so you can set up an individual address for each NFT you buy.

ConSys, the company behind this wallet, created a mobile app in 2020. The app supports both iOs and Android and syncs easily with desktop too. In addition to that, the app also includes an NFT marketplace and a decentralized platform. 


  • The process to set up this wallet is very user-friendly
  • You can sync all your transaction between your mobile and web extensions
  • If you use NFT and Defi applications, Metamask mobile version has  a built- in web browser for you
  • You can easily switch the ETH addresses
  • It is easy to transfer ERC-721 NFT tokens directly in your Metamask app
  • The app supports swapping ETH NFT tokens


  • You need to be very careful as there are so many fake Metamask apps available. You can’t completely ignore the risk of hacking with this app
  • Sometimes the app takes time to load properly

Math Wallet, a multi-stage platform

Math wallet is a big competitor to the Metamask app. It is a popular wallet that supports over seventy different blockchains. The unique features of this wallet are its compatibility with cross-chain devices, multi-stage support, scope to generate multiple addresses, and hardware wallet integration. You can access the web wallet from any gadgets that are web empowered. It also provides a utility token, features like swapping and staking to a cryptocurrency holder. So, if you want to expand your NFT learning across multiple commercial and blockchain centers, you need to explore Math Wallet.


  • Math wallet natively supports many blockchains
  • It is easy to sync the app with other devices as it supports cross-compatibility
  • You can access NFT and Defi applications with dApp store in just one click
  • Math wallet gives you a convenient scope to trade with cryptocurrencies
  • It safeguards your asset with its hardware integration feature


  • There are reports of frequent crashes and bugs
  • Clunky user interface

Trust Wallet, the best one by Binance

Binance owns this most popular, crypto-versatile, mobile-only wallet that works on both iOS and Android.  Trust wallet supports multiple blockchains like Ethereum Classic, Binance Smart Chain, ThunderToken, and GoChain. If you are buying NFTs on Binance, you might want to try this wallet as it works perfectly with BEP NFT tokens. 

Best known for its smooth client experience, Trust Wallet is excellent, especially for beginners. One of the biggest benefits of using this wallet is the cross-chain connection.


  • Great graphical portrayal and UI of your NFTs
  • A smooth user interface that allows you to open the app with just one click
  • This wallet supports multiple blockchains
  • You can use it both as a Defi wallet and a crypto wallet


  • Only available as a mobile app
  • Only promotes for Binance

Enjin Wallet, Best Gaming Wallet for ERC-1155 Tokens

All NFT players must take a look at Enjin Wallet as it is an ideal platform to store cryptos.  This blockchain wallet is feature-packed, secure, and conveniently built for easy NFT and crypto trading. This extraordinary wallet also lets you store Polkadot and Bitcoin.


  • Enjin wallet provides an easy user interface for all your top NFT tokens
  • Swap and convert thousands of tokens from available trading options
  • It supports LTC, BTC, ETH along with all ERC-20 tokens
  • Enjoy advanced features like biometrics and auto-locking features


  • Only mobile users can enjoy it
  • It supports only Ethereum-related assets and NFTs

Coinbase, the Perfect Wallet to Hold NFTs

Coinbase is primarily known for the feature to exchange cryptocurrency. In addition to that, you can also store NFTs and other tokens in this non-custodial wallet.  As a user, you have full control over your cryptos when you use Coinbase.  You can easily connect your wallet with your exchanging account and move your assets to and from the wallet. Guess what is the best part? It has no additional costs.


  • You can directly connect it to your account on
  • Simple and very easy-to-use interface
  • Transfer your tokens using your username even without a public wallet address
  • You can back up all your  private keys and ensure that your NFTs are safe and secure


  • A Coinbase wallet holds only Ethereum-based NFT tokens
  • You can’t use the app’s exchange highlights with the Coinbase wallet 


Wrapping It Up

As you already know, NFT is a widely discussed topic. When you are finding it hard to store your tokens, an NFT wallet is your ultimate guide. Now that you read this article as a part of your NFT learning, you know about the popular wallets to use in 2022.

Are you still confused about choosing and using the best NFT wallet that suits your needs the most? Well, learning has no age bar and it is never too late to take up a cryptocurrency course to understand all the basics of the industry. Once you know exactly what you need to consider while selecting your crypto wallet, life will be easier. So, choose your own learning pace and you are all set for the win.

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