30 Frequently Asked Hyperledger Interview Questions

Top 30 Hyperledger Interview Questions for 2023, Updated!

If you want to work as a hyperledger developer for your desired firm, you must pass the interview. Thus, coming prepared for an interview with good hyperledger questions leaves a strong impression on the interviewer. Also, it’s a way to increase the chance of getting an offer letter. So, start preparing the most asked questions and prove your expertise as a certified hyperledger expert.

Also, you can get enrolled today in a reliable hyperledger training course if you want to cover all the theoretical and practical aspects of blockchain technology.

Let’s step into the interview question to learn about what is hyperledger and other details about it.

Top Hyperledger Technology Questions You Should Prepare for an Interview     

1. What is Hyperledger technology?   

Hyperledger is a blockchain project that helps in creating open-source blockchains and other applications. Further, it develops distributed ledger frameworks and brings them to a new height. In addition to this, hyperledger technology supports business transactions to improve their performance.

2. What are the aims of Hyperledger Technology?   

The major goals or aims of hyperledger are as follows:

The most important goal of hyperledger technology is to ensure the code base supports business transactions.

Next, it builds smart contracts for public blockchains and works as an enterprise-grade, open-source.

Additionally, it aims to provide an open and neutral community-driven infrastructure supported by technical and business governance.

Another major goal of this technology is to build a community that helps develop blockchain technology, use cases, shared ledger POCs, field trials and deployments.

Also, It helps educate people about the opportunity for distributed ledgers in the market. Furthermore, hyperledger works to promote a community that takes a toolkit approach.

3. What do you mean by nodes in Hyperledger Fabric?

The nodes in Hyperledger are the communication entries.

4. What do you mean by channel in Hyperledger Fabric?

Channel in Hyperledger is the subnet of its network.

5. Will you call Hyperledger a public or private blockchain technology?

Hyperledger is a private blockchain that focuses on developing a suitable framework.

6. What are the projects under the Hyperledger umbrella?

  • Hyperledger Burrow,
  • Iroha,
  • Fabric,
  • Indy,
  • Caliper,
  • Cello,
  • Sawtooth,
  • Best,
  • Explorer,
  • Avalon,
  • Aries,
  • Transact,
  • Quilt,
  • Ursa, and
  • Grid

7. What is Hyperledger Fabric?   

Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework initiated by Digital Asset and IBM. Basically, it is a project based on Blockchain that uses smart contracts with the help of which people can manage their transactions. Aside from this, Hyperledger Fabric is designed to maximize blockchain privacy and flexibility to facilitate decision making. Therefore, it is a secure foundation to offer blockchain solutions.

8. What is a Hyperledger Quilt?   

Hyperledger Quilt is an enterprise-grade implementation to transfer value across distributed ledgers developed in Java. Further, this library sends and receives crypto and fiat payments in a ledger-agnostic style. Additionally, Hyperledger Quilt supports a different variety of other core Interledger protocols and primitives. Also, we can call it a tool used to design higher-level use-case-specific protocols.

9. What is defined as Hyperledger Aries?

It’s a library that operates in conjunction with cryptographic support of the Hyperledger Ursa project.

10. What do you know about Hyperledger Avalon?

It is an independent ledger implementation with the help of the Trusted Computer Specifications. Also, it securely moves blockchain processing from the main chain to the dedicated computing resources.

11. What is Hyperledger Besu?   

Hyperledger Besu is an open-source Java-based client that uses the Ethereum blockchain. Next, it provides a hyperledger developer with enough flexibility to build public solutions as per the requirements of each use case. Furthermore, this enterprise-focused initiative under the license of Apache 2.0 works in association with the pharmaceutical industry.

Note- There are some hyperledger courses for experienced hyperledger expert-level learners to educate them about Hyperledger Besu features and capabilities.

12. What is Hyperledger Iroha?   

Hyperledger Iroha is a business blockchain framework that works on improving performance and usability. Further, the designing of hyperledger is for infrastructure projects as experts use it to provide role-based access control and build an identity management system. Basically, this is a distributed ledger technology (DLT). And it is inspired by the Japanese Kaizen principle.

13. What is the Hyperledger Transact?   

According to a hyperledger expert, Hyperledger Transact is a transaction processing system that makes writing distributed ledger software easier. Also, it provides a shared software library to change the development efforts used in writing distributed ledger software. Moreover, it handles smart contracts and transaction dispatch.

14. What is Hyperldger Caliper?   

Hyperledger Caliper is a blockchain benchmark framework that allows users to test the performance of a blockchain solution with a set of predefined use cases. Mainly, it is designed for Ethereum, Hyperledger Besu, Hyperledger Fabric, and FISCO BCOS networks.

15. What is Hyperledger Sawtooth?

Hyperledger Sawtooth is a modular platform and an enterprise solution built for creating new distributed ledgers. Basically, it runs and develops blockchain technology and other networks for the use of various enterprises. Additionally, Hyperledger Sawtooth plays a role in separating the core system from the application domain. It supports permissioned along with permissionless blockchain networks. Furthermore, this project focuses on establishing distributed ledgers.

16. What is Hyperledger Cello?   

Hyperledger Cello is an operating system and blockchain provision that focuses on serving as the operational dashboard for Blockchain. Overall it reduces the effort required for creating, managing, and using blockchains. Moreover, hyperledger Cello manages the lifecycle of different blockchain networks, supports customized blockchain network configuration, and extends with advanced features as well.

17. What is a Hyperledger Grid?     

Hyperledger Grid is a platform that intends to provide a set of modular components and reference implementation of supply chain-centric data models. Furthermore, this supply-chain-centric system develops client interfaces from the Hyperledger stack into a single business solution. Additionally, it builds supply chain solutions to let a hyperledger developer make a choice about the appropriate components for their industry.

18. Explain what Hyperledger Indy is?   

Hyperledger Indy is again a distributed ledger that provides libraries, tools, and reusable components. In addition to this, with other blockchains, we can operate hyperledger Indy. It powers the decentralization of identity. Aside from this, Hyperledger Indy offers an identity-based solution to take full control over identities and prevent other sources from controlling the same.

19. How can you define the Genesis Block?

The genesis block is known to be the first block that is formed in Hyperledger distributed blockchain ledger.

20. Are Smart Contracts and Chain Codes Similar?

Yes, in reality, they are the same.

21. What do you understand about the Technical Steering Committee (TSC)?

TSC controls the responsibility and values of the Hyperledger technical direction. It has 11 elected members.

22. What are the applications of Hyperledger Fabric?   

One of the applications of hyperledger fabric is it facilitates the secure transaction between two parties. Also, it tracks and records these transactions.

Furthermore, companies can take help from this type of technology in diamond mining. Plus, Hyperledger fabric also improves the food supply process throughout its manufacturing journey. This, in turn, helps companies gain their clients’ trust.

It can effectively control the data of users who share their digital credentials.

Hyperledger Fabric is a distributed ledger software that intends to keep the confidential and sensitive information of B2B contracts among the organization’s members.

23. Enumerate the advantages of hyperledger.   

  • Scalability and transparency of data.
  • It’s a framework in which all participants have known identities.
  • Protects and regulates personal data.
  • It records the state of transitions for the applications.
  • A hyperledger expert focuses on managing and safeguarding digital keys with the help of a hyperledger.

24. What are the career goals of Hyperledger?

  • Build technical communities.
  • Educate about blockchain technology.
  • Create decentralized and distributed ledgers.

25. What do you mean by smart contracts?

A smart contract is a program that permits trusted transactions without the need for a central authority.

26. Enumerate the five states of the hyperledger project?

  • Proposal
  • Active
  • Incubation
  • Deprecated
  • First Major Release
  • End of Life

27. Mention the languages in which Chaincode is written?

Java and Go are the languages in which Chaincode is written.

28. What does BaaS stand for?

BaaS can be referred to as an acronym for Blockchain as a Service. Furthermore, through BaaS, companies cannot build their own blockchain solutions.

29. What do you mean by consensus?

Consensus is a mechanism that handles the network consensus with scalability and security. In simpler terms, consensus can be considered a decision making process.

30. List some use cases of Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger fabric can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Food security
  • Logistics management
  • IoT device protection
  • Insurance claim and audit automation
  • Real-estate increased liquidity

Closing Thoughts

Talking about how you can extend your blockchain architecture knowledge. And, to get hands-on experience with blockchain technology, we advise you to join a credibly certified hyperledger expert course. Further, you can learn hyperledger fabric at your own pace to improve your skills. The hyperledger fabric course will provide a deeper understanding and help in building expertise in this field.

The BLOCKCHAIN COUNCIL is a platform that provides hyperledger certification courses to help you become a professional hyperledger expert. These hyperledger courses are carefully curated to cover all the details required for the best hyperledger training.

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