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How to Earn Good Interest on Tether?

USDT (Tether) is one of the most widely used crypto stablecoins. Importantly, Tether is backed by an equal amount of fiat (US Dollars) held in a designated bank account. By using crypto lending sites, it is possible to make money by earning interest on your Tether tokens. The Tether crypto was launched to fill the…

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Launch Of Stable Coin On The Tron Blockchain By Tether

According to the press release from Tether on 4 March 2019, TRON Foundation has partnered with Tether to make Tether’s USDT available on the TRON Network, thereby making it accessible to TRON’s user base. It plans to implement the same from April 2019. The TRC-20 token will be launched on TRON’s network in the early…