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In crypto, there is no correction room for a missed opportunity. So, here we are with your everyday crypto news treat. Take a look:   Ripple to partner with the Republic of Palau to develop a digital currency   Thriving as a top-tier crypto and blockchain portal for international payments, Ripple has collaborated with the…

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Crypto-philanthropy: Blockchain Changing The Face of charity

Charities in today’s world are facing a constant decline in donations due to the growing skepticism about CEO pay and concerns about where the donations would end up. Charitable giving has always been common across the globe with many people looking at donation as an act of doing good to our fellow human beings. Trust…

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Launch Of Stable Coin On The Tron Blockchain By Tether

According to the press release from Tether on 4 March 2019, TRON Foundation has partnered with Tether to make Tether’s USDT available on the TRON Network, thereby making it accessible to TRON’s user base. It plans to implement the same from April 2019. The TRC-20 token will be launched on TRON’s network in the early…