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Top Devices Eyeing Enforcement Of Blockchain Technology

Understanding Blockchain Technology   It wouldn’t be too much to say that blockchain is one of the most awe-inspiring innovations which has taken place since the birth of the internet. It is a digital phenomenon which most people are familiar with. But for those looking for a concise idea of what blockchain is, it can…

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Samsung To Integrate Crypto and Blockchain Technology Into Their Devices

The last two years have seen a lot of interest in blockchain technology worldwide. From businesses trying to streamline their operations to investors trying to jump on the blockchain bandwagon, blockchain has definitely earned a standing on the world stage. Big tech firms like Apple, Facebook, and Samsung, are also not far behind when it…

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5 Things You Need to Know about Blockchain Powered Smart Phones

In the ten years that Bitcoin has existed, one of the main challenges Blockchain Technology has faced is the of adoption in the real world. During the early days of Bitcoin, the only way to operate a wallet was to be familiar with a command line interface which is clearly beyond the capabilities of 99%…