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Top Countries That Conducted Elections On The Blockchain

Blockchain is making news every other day. It has become a buzzword, and the reason is its strong features. Blockchain is a technology with so many features which can be useful for multiple domains. In today’s blog, we will discuss its application in the voting system and how two countries have leveraged Blockchain successfully for…

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Russian Retailer Dixy Uses Ethereum To Streamline Trade Finance

The fourth largest retailer player in the country is a crucial participant in the brand new Ethereum-based blockchain trade finance platform, which has been launched in Russia. After a six-month pilot phase, Factorin, the Russian blockchain startup, has announced the launch of its system into production with DIXY. DIXY is a supermarket chain which made…

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How Russian Railways Use Blockchain For Tracking Passengers?

New technology that is hitting the headlines every day, Blockchain has gained a new appreciator, Russia. Yes, that’s the fact, Blockchain is finding application in many business niches. Countries like China and Australia have already shown their inclination towards using this technology, they are promoting the startups and are integrating Blockchain technology with their mainstream…