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Why are Business Organizations moving to Private Blockchains?

The Blockchain is the latest buzz in the market. It is the technology which the companies are eyeing as the future. It has a multitude of benefits that make it the most sought-after technology of the companies. When it comes to Blockchain, then it’s a distributed ledger which has all the information stored in chronological…

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Are Private Blockchains Better Than Public Blockchains?

As blockchains continue to remain relevant to new developments in areas such as finance, logistics and banking, the term blockchain has garnered more scrutiny ever. Since its inception, the term blockchain simply referred to a public blockchain. However, since the arrival of private blockchains, such as IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and J. P. Morgan’s Quorum, the…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Permissionless Blockchain

Blockchain Technology surfaced with the surge of cryptocurrency. Today you may find every business, and all the big industries are talking about using Blockchain. They want to make it a part of their mainstream business operations. On the surface, we know that blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. It works on the principle of decentralisation…