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What is Hybrid Blockchain? How Can It Help to Solve Everyday Problems?

Blockchains are gaining popularity for their applications in both public and private enterprise. Privately, individuals can use blockchains as a store of wealth that is beyond the control of governments and hackers. Publically, blockchains are being used to design better systems for logistics, finance, and governance. The power is derived from the fact that the…

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Permissionless Blockchain

Blockchain Technology surfaced with the surge of cryptocurrency. Today you may find every business, and all the big industries are talking about using Blockchain. They want to make it a part of their mainstream business operations. On the surface, we know that blockchain is a distributed ledger technology. It works on the principle of decentralisation…

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Top 5 Challenges with Public Blockchain

Undoubtedly Blockchain is an inevitable Technology which has enormous potential. The way it is showcasing its use cases and fining applications in all the business niches, it becomes an excellent technology for the future. Blockchain became noticeable after Bitcoin came into existence. It is the underlying technology of Bitcoin but, from 2009 to date, Blockchain…