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How NFTs Impact Asset Ownership

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have captured the world’s imagination, with hundreds of thousands of people buying into the digital currency craze. However, digital currencies are not the only type of digital asset. There are also non-fungible tokens (NFTs).  Non-fungible tokens are digital collectibles that are stored in the blockchain network. The ledger used in these collectibles…

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NFT- The new hype on blockchain

Be it the animated cats or dogs or even bearing on the warped face of a celebrity, there is something about NFTs that make people take it unseriously till they begin to see the amount of money involved in these supposedly meaningless caricatures exchanging hands. The trend is truly puzzling for those who still wonder…

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What is NFT in Crypto? and why it matters in crypto world?

It is seen that the Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become even more popular than Ether this year. NFTs range from any form of artwork, music, types of tacos, and even varieties in toilet paper; from the past few months, these notable digital assets have been selling like the exotic Dutch tulips from the 17th century…