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Neo EcoBoost: A Comprehensive Overview

In today’s context, the entire digital currency market is experiencing positive changes with a tremendous boost being exhibited in the cryptocurrency markets. Public blockchains have survived through thick and thin and are now running in a more rational and prudent manner. The strength of the cryptocurrency and digital market ecosystem is transforming into a significant…

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Ontology and NEO Partner to Create Global Cross-Chain Blockchain

In a town hall meeting, China’s leading public blockchain projects Neo and Ontology revealed plans about their partnership to establish a foundation for the next-gen internet by building an open cross-chain blockchain platform. This partnership will aid both parties in leveraging their strengths to introduce an inclusive and efficient interoperability protocol. This partnership will facilitate…

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The Ultimate Guide to NEO Blockchain Protocol

If you are passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you would have certainly heard of the ‘NEO blockchain.’ What is NEO? NEO is a blockchain platform which facilitates the development of smart contracts and digital assets. The word NEO originates from the ancient Greek language and translates as ‘new,’ ‘modern,’ and ‘young’. NEO aims to use…