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Top Blockchain Related Stocks For 2019

After the overall downward trend that presided over the cryptocurrency markets in 2018, there may be some hope for cryptocurrency investors with the development of Bakkt, and Ethereum’s Casper upgrade. For the more traditional investors in the equity market, there are a number of high profile companies that are experimenting with blockchain in sectors such…

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How is Microsoft trying to adapt Blockchain Technology?

Whether Bitcoin or Ethereum abates, Blockchain is here to stay for long.  This technology has paved the way for many developments and thus has become an area of research and experiment for many IT companies. The biggest name which is trying to adopt this technology is Microsoft. What is blockchain? Before looking into the use…

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What Is Microsoft Blockchain-As-A-Service?

The Bitcoin blockchain technology is up and rising. There is no stop to it as it is becoming the most used method of transaction and payment. It is changing the phase of digital currency in an absolute way. The big time software industries are also busy doing their part in this field. Likewise, the Microsoft…