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Java or Python: Which Suits Blockchain Better?

Blockchain is regarded as one of the most disruptive technologies to have appeared on the tech scene in recent years. Though it is said to be in its nascent stages now, it is one such technology that has bright potential. Experts in various fields are implementing blockchain. The blockchain world is now in need of…

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Best Programming Languages to Build Smart Contracts

As most of us might now be aware, Bitcoin was invented to replace banks, but blockchain, the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, proved that it could replace almost any intermediary. This way, digital money came into existence. Following this, programmable money was introduced, and this was something that paper cash could never do. ‘Programmable money’ elevated…

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Hyperledger Sawtooth Or Hyperledger Fabric : Which Is better?

Introduction   Businesses are now undergoing rapid development as there is a complete transformation taking place in the way data and assets are exchanged and tracked across industries. Standards are now being created for a cross-industry distributed ledger which has the potential to revolutionize the way we conduct our businesses. Distributed ledgers will help increase…