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Instagram To Add NFTs Says Meta Chief Mark Zuckerberg

It seems that the craze for NFTs is going to be wild this season with support pouring in from all fronts of the global industrial and economic systems. Well, the latest entry to the NFT bandwagon is of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg who is planning to bring NFTs to popular video and picture sharing app,…

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Facebook and Instagram could introduce NFT Avatars

You can ask any new-age investor about his investment plan and they would say NFTs without even giving a second thought to your question. Yes!!! That is the insane craze for Non-Fungible Tokens these days especially amongst the youngsters who find the concept ‘Cool’ and ‘Trendy’. Where firms are connecting people to their favorite collectibles…

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Facebook Changes To Meta In A Rebranding Effort

The global social media giant Facebook has altered the name of its parent company to ‘Meta’. Many believe this is an attempt from the tech giant to surpass and move away from their reputation as a social media platform that is often plagued by controversies and scandals, towards their vision for the future that is…