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Blockchain Use Cases for Aviation Industry

Industrial growth is all about implementation of modern technology. The service industry is facing ever-increasing demand from the customer, and the need to establish a balance between demand and supply has given rise to use of modern technology. Blockchain in aviation is the latest addition to the series. This technology despite being in infancy has…

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Blockchain Use Cases For Healthcare Industry

The Blockchain technology has made a serious impact and brought out initiatives to the financial technology industry. This initiative has helped to inspire the health industry with some great potentiality apps. The stakeholders of the healthcare industry are motivated and eager from the set of possibilities that Blockchain has presented. This new technology is powered…

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Blockchain Use Cases For Telecom Industry

Telecom industry today has the most complex operations framework, involving many partners, vendors, customers, distributors, network providers, VAS providers. There are a lot of trust issues and transparency challenges due to the involvement of multiple entities. Also, there are no clear mechanism to track end-to-end activities of every entity. Blockchain Use Cases For Telecom Industry…