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How Could Blockchain be used to Prevent Fake Accounts?

Technology has made inroads in our lives like never before. We have seen many developments that have led to the surge of a new era of transformation. All these changes forays into the development of new avenues of job opportunity and business operations. Coming to the application part of Blockchain, then fields like academic, retail,…

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How Can Blockchain Transform Higher Education?

Despite scepticism surrounding cryptocurrencies, the technology behind it, Blockchain is garnering the attention of the world. The impact is so massive that almost all the industries around the globe. The Blockchain is one of the most impactful technological development in the last decade. We have seen many nations and big names in the industries focusing…

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How Data Immutability Works In Blockchain?

Immutability is a blockchain feature that persists data forever, free from censorship and despite the disincentives to do so for some period. Typically, “forever”. Before blockchain, immutability existed in closed systems, through the benevolence of a custodian. After blockchain such immutability is simply a magical property of blockchains. Immutability – Definition: Immutability is only available…