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Why are ICO tokens moving to Stellar

People involved in the cryptocurrency space are already familiar with the skyrocketing transaction fees and the increasing wait times that popular currencies have to face. Ethereum is the most used public blockchain in the world right now, and routinely processes more than a million transactions per day. But this increase in usage comes at a…

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Learn Solidity: What’s Next?

Since now you have learned Solidity, you might be wondering what’s next? [shortcode id=”1983″] You should go & try below options: Create your own cryptocurrency Create a fully functional & professional crowd sale application Create a custom app of your own use case Learn MultiChain Blockchain Learn Hyperledger Learn to Create Proof-of-Existence application etc. Check out…

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Learn Solidity: Basics of Solidity By Example

In this post, we will learn the Solidity language by going through two example. Then we will dig deeper into each & every aspect of Solidity & Blockchain-based development. As you can see in the above code, which is a simple smart contract written in Solidity for a new Coin. Here this Coin can be…