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Is Blockchain in a war with other technologies?

Blockchain, a technology which has garnered the attention globally has expanded from being just the underlying technology for cryptocurrency transaction to be the underpinning technology for myriads of other applications. The rise of this technology can be deciphered from the fact that many big names in the industry like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart are researching…

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Automated Car Towing Service to be built on Blockchain

By now you would have heard a lot about blockchain and its myriads of applications. The growing inclination of various businesses towards this technology shows how great it is and how well it functions. The fact of the matter is that blockchain is considered as a key driver of growth in the future. Whether it…

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What are the best reasons to adapt Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain Technology, the technology which has taken the world by storm never cease to leave the developers surprised with its multifaceted approach. Although it started off as the heart of cryptocurrency transactions since 2009 till date, it has undergone a vast transformation. Many businesses are now adopting this technology or fining out ways in which…