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Will 2018 Be Beneficial for Ethereum?

2017 has been an excellent year for Ethereum with dozens of ICOs using it for distributing their tokens along with significant partnerships. Since the Bitcoin network has been severely congested for the majority of 2017, most people have moved to Ethereum to conduct their business. Significant exchanges have also added Ether trading pairs alongside Bitcoin…

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Reasons Behind Delay in Crucial Ethereum Update

The second part of the Metropolis upgrade, code-named Constantinople, is scheduled to take effect in 2018 with no hard estimates available for now. The most prominent improvement that Constantinople is planning to bring to Ethereum is that it’s going to lay down the foundation of Casper, the Proof of Stake implementation of Ethereum. With Constantinople,…

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What Is Ethereum Technology?

Ethereum technology is now becoming the main attraction in the digital world as it is popping up over the last couple years in a major way due to the relation with the Bitcoin. Ethereum is the key as well as the king in the world of cryptocurrencies as it is changing the face of financial…