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DeFi has Reached a Million Users But A Billion More To Go

As more and more people are entering into the DeFi ecosystem, a report recently claims that DeFi has reached a million users. However, if we talk about DeFi coming on the same level as traditional finance, it seems that it will have to cover a billion miles for its widespread success. Dune Analytics reported last…

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All You Need to Know About: Aave- A DeFi Platform

In this article, we will talk about the most trending, DeFi Protocol, Aave. We will discuss how one can borrow in Aave, its advantages over other protocols, and what Aave V2 will add in the DeFi space.   Table of Contents   Defining DeFi  What is Aave? Lending and Borrowing in Aave Aave’s Added-on Advantages…