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How does blockchain disrupt finance and data science?

Introduction   Blockchain is one of the top emerging technologies which has revolutionized several industries and is radically transforming how businesses and organizations function. Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized ledger which enables trust, security, and transparency of data. Economic transactions are recorded in such a way that they cannot be manipulated. Developers and tech…

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Impact of Blockchain on Big Data

The advent of the internet and its subsequent popularization in the 1990s led to the democratization of information. Blockchain has been called the most important technological breakthrough since the internet and has been crediting with facilitating the democratization of data. Blockchain has enabled numerous new fields of inquiry because of the unique architecture that allows…

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How To See Data Science Intersecting With Blockchains?

Data Science is one of the hottest industries in technology right now and is seeing lots of innovation in its various subdomains like Descriptive analytics, Diagnostic analytics, and Predictive analytics. Recent estimates by IBM research have put the growth in Data Science related jobs at around 28%, which is among the highest of any fields….