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New Software Based on Hyperledger Blockchain Unveiled in Singapore

A new software has been launched for commodities trading for the Gas industry. This software is based on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. As reported by company executives to CoinDesk, the news site in Bitcoin and digital currencies, the EnHelix Marketplace was revealed at the Gastech energy conference held in Singapore.   Gastech has united the…

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What is a Golden Nonce and what is its usage in Blockchain?

Technology is very dynamic and is ever changing. The same applies to Blockchain as well. It has grown up recently and has garnered the attention of most of the industries around the world. When it comes to its application part, then the world stands divided into two parts, one which says that Blockchain has the…

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How to Pick the Best Consensus Algorithm for Blockchain?

Blockchains have some crucial components that make up significant differences between different blockchain platforms. These components such as block sizes, consensus mechanisms, and validators give unique properties to their respective blockchains, and each come with their strengths and weaknesses. Three of the leading blockchain platforms, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Neo, all use different consensus mechanisms for…