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Cardano Could Shape ‘Big Three’ of Mainstream Cryptocurrencies, Says Morningstar Analyst

Amy Arnott who is a portfolio strategist at Morningstar, a financial services provider dealing with Cryptocurrencies, has expressed her opinion on the future of the cryptocurrency named Cardano (ADA). She opined that there is a strong possibility that Cardano (ADA) could claim its position as one of the largest and biggest three cryptocurrencies in the…

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Cardano Targets Fortune 500 Companies and Banks: Reveals its 5 Year Game-Plan

Frederick Gregaard, the CEO of the Swiss based Cardano Foundation has unveiled their 5 year strategy which basically aims to include banks, financial institutions and giant corporations as part of their growth strategy for the mammoth blockchain project they have undertaken. By market cap, this one is currently the fifth largest project in the world…

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Classifying A Cryptocurrency: Security Or Currency Or Asset?

Cryptocurrencies are a global phenomenon known to almost everyone. Today, it would be extremely difficult to find any major bank, a renowned accounting firm, a popular software company, or a government that has not researched or published a paper on cryptocurrencies or blockchain. But beyond this popularity, there are many consultants, scientists, and developers who…