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Cardano To Receive $100 Million Investment From EMURGO To Bolster DeFi Adoption

Decentralized Finance or DeFi applications have become immensely important after the massively popular Alonzo Hard Fork event enabled smart contracts to operate on the Cardano network. The developers have been working tirelessly in order to bring their DeFi applications to the Cardano ecosystem. But since a considerable number of DeFi applications are already up and…

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Just 4 Days After The Alonzo Hardfork, Cardano Witnesses 40,000 Smart Contracts Being Deployed: How This Affects The Pricing

After September 12, 2021, smart contracts have been established as a reality on the famous Cardano network. After the significant launch of the Alonzo Hard Fork Combinator, developers around the world can now go ahead and start building smart contracts in the Cardano ecosystem. As a result, this would eventually enable the developers to create…

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Input-Output Global Has Confirmed The Launch Of Cardano Smart Contracts On Mainnet For September 12th

The famous Input-Output Global or the IOG has recently confirmed on its Twitter handle that the much-awaited launch of the smart contract platform of the Cardano Blockchain on mainnet, which goes by the name Plutus, is scheduled to launch this month, on the upcoming Sunday, i.e., September 12th, 2021. As per the announcement on Twitter,…