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How Can Blockchain Help You To Save While Traveling?

Ever since the Blockchain technology came into the picture, it has been disrupting various business niches. Blockchain has generated a significant amount of interest and excitement in different industries. The prime reason for this is that Blockchain finds a multitude of application s in a different field. Whether it is healthcare or financial transaction, supply…

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Tech Giant GMO to help you mine Zcash Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency seem to be making headlines every second day and for obvious reasons. Despite its recent development, both these aspects of new age technological development have led to the surge of technical and financial transformations. Cryptocurrency, despite its recent origin, has paved the way for the surge for a new age financial transactions…

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What is Facebook Doing in the Field of Blockchain?

Blockchain has the power to influence most of the industries positively. Apart from industries like finance, healthcare, shipping etc. it finds application in social media as well. The recent news surrounding Facebook coming up with its Blockchain team. The prime reason behind this could be that blockchain offers a high level of safety and security…