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Valereum acquires Juno Group to strengthen the crypto-fiat bridge

Hailing from Gibraltar as a top-tier blockchain technology platform, Valereum Blockchain is gearing up to acquire Juno Group to facilitate swift integration of fiat and crypto spaces. Coming from Gibraltar, the Juno Group is known for helping in the creation and administration of trusts, money management, and enterprise development in the country. With this partnership,…

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What is MetaMask and How to Set Up a MetaMask Wallet?

What Is MetaMask?   Aaron Davis founded the blockchain company ConsenSys and MetaMask. MetaMask is a free crypto wallet that permits users to store and swap top nft tokens, host a growing array of decentralized applications (dApps), and familiarize themselves with the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. It is a universally and popularly used crypto application. In…

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Top Bitcoin Mining Software trends to expect in 2022

In bitcoin mining, transactions are digitally validated in the bitcoin network and added to the blockchain log. It is accomplished by deciphering complicated cryptographic hash puzzles to confirm updated transactions on the decentralized blockchain log. Solving these hash puzzles requires mighty computing power and updated tools. In return, miners are awarded with bitcoin, which is…

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Key Aspects of Blockchain Technology in Web 3.0

The Internet is undoubtedly one of the most important components of practically everyone’s existence on this planet. In fact, it’s challenging to fathom living without access to the Internet. Furthermore, a global pandemic has demonstrated the importance of the Internet in times of unexpected disaster.  However, today’s Internet is pretty confusing in terms of data…

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Toncoin to be accepted by Telegram-verified payments bot

  Telegram’s co-founder and CEO Pavel Durov has surprised the crypto fans with his latest post highlighting the return of the revamped version of the Telegram Open Network (TON) project. The technology is all set to hit the crypto market with a new brand name ‘Toncoin’ and will offer unmatched scalability to the crypto users….

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BNB Auto-Burn replaces Binance quarterly burn protocol

  Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the launch of a powerful Binance Coin (BNB) Auto-Burn protocol in place of its present quarterly burn system. The decision comes in response to the multiple requests forwarded by the BNB community users demanding the replacement of the existing quarterly burning mechanism for the native currency. With this…

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PwC Hong Kong marks entry in The Sandbox

  Serving as the international subsidiary concern of the world’s biggest business services provider PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC Hong Kong is all set to make a smashing entry in Metaverse. To initiate this expedition, PwC Hong Kong has purchased LAND in the renowned virtual metaverse of The Sandbox. The Sandbox portal allows users to immerse themselves in…

featured image joins Angel City Football Club of Los Angeles

Leading cryptocurrency exchange known for offering best-in-class trading services to crypto fans, has entered into a collaboration with Angel City Football Club of Los Angeles. With this deal, is looking forward to expanding its brand presence and supporting deeper proliferation within the United States. The exchange released an official statement on Tuesday to…

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Interlay supports $6.5M to aid Bitcoin DeFi interoperability

  Interlay, the globally-acclaimed platform in the field of blockchain interoperability has achieved a milestone by pooling $6.5M in funding led by DFG Capital. The collected funds will be employed by Interlay to expand the operational capacities of its open-source network and gain more support from the DApp developer community. With the newly-accumulated capital, Interlay…

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Tokenomics – How to Know a New Project is Profitable?

Are you new to the concept of cryptocurrency and tokenomics? Well, you are missing out on a huge potentiality. 2020 was the year when we saw a global crash in the financial markets all over the world. However, it was also the year when the crypto world evolved by leaps and bounds. Interestingly, a massive…