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Blockchain Use Cases for Transport Department

Let’s admit the fact that the world is witnessing an economic revolution and all this is because of technological development taking place across the globe. The Blockchain is the latest developed, although we have heard this term since 2009. But this is this year where Blockchain is trending. In fact, it has become viral. Coming…

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Real Estate on Blockchain

Blockchain in real estate, the new kid around the corner, has taken the world by storm. Despite its recent start and growth, the technology has picked up the pace and finds application in different fields. Owing to flexibility, ease of usage and decentralized operations, many industries are seeing Blockchain based solutions as a perfect solution…

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Music on the Blockchain

The music industry has been plagued by dying sales ever since the early days of the internet due to illegal file sharing and high royalty paid to labels. Here’s a look at what the Blockchain revolution has to offer to this struggling industry. Music Industry has been losing revenue for the past 15 years Quartz…