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The world has long awaited a financial and social revolution that will disrupt how we manage data, process transactions, and deliver services. Blockchain came right on time to meet this desire, and so far, it has been a major game-changer in the way the world operates. Blockchain technology carries in it the ability to change…

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Blockchain Developer Salary in Russia

There is a huge wave of fintech blockchain businesses in Russia and developers are hired every now and then. But as a blockchain developer how much should you ask? Simply put, if you have a good enough experience and certification from a recognized authority, one should easily expect a salary around $2500 USD – $5000USD….

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Top 10 Companies That Have Already Adopted Blockchain

The last year has seen a lot of hype regarding cryptocurrencies from the media and investors. But now that the hype seems to be dying down, it is giving way to a more organic and natural growth of Blockchain Technology like bitcoin pro. And the users of cryptocurrency are no longer restricted to just financial sectors….