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Impact Of Blockchain On Search Marketing

Introduction   Blockchain is one such technology which is already disrupting numerous industries as it enables users across the globe to transact in a secure and transparent environment in a decentralized setup without the need for a middleman. Some of the industries which have embraced blockchain technology are insurance, car sales, voting, real estate, sports…

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Forex Regulator of China Develops a Blockchain Pilot For Trade Finance Solution

State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), the regulator of foreign exchange reserves, is now preparing itself for setting up its cross-border blockchain for trade finance. News on the development was provided by CNStock, a local financial news agency, on 24 April 2019. It has been built in collaboration with the Hangzhou Blockchain Technology Research Institute….

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A Bill To Allow Gov’t To Implement Blockchain Solutions Released In Ohio.

The blockchain technology that originated just a decade back has now influenced many nations. The development in the field of Blockchain has impacted business operations of many big names around the world. It has brought in new changes which have paved the way for innovations. The acceptance of this technology showcases how important it is…