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China Takes Another Step Towards Blockchain Adoption to Recognize Industry Jobs Officially

To promote employment amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, China recognizes blockchain jobs as a new occupation. While the Covid-19 outbreak has drastically impacted human lives and wealth, it has some positive effects on the blockchain domain. China has officially recognized blockchain-related jobs to expedite the process of blockchain adoption.   China is not new to blockchain…

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How Can China Become a Leading Country with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology brings with it many improvements in a variety of fields from banking and finance to logistics and governance. Investors and businesses have been quite receptive to the idea of such an open and transparent ledger for their needs. The government, however, have remained more sceptical throughout the world of this disruptive new technology….

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Blockchain Jobs in China

There are approximately genuine 100 Blockchain jobs in China as of August 2018 on various job portals like LinkedIn and Indeed. These companies are looking for Blockchain   professionals ranging from Highly skilled professionals to entry-level coders. There are ample opportunities out there and are paying handsomely to a skilled and certified Blockchain expert given that…