How Can Blockchain Improve Supply Chains?

Blockchain technology first emerged as a medium of transaction over the internet. Since then, it has evolved to serve several industries which have a real-world use. This increase in popularity…
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How To Get Started With Bitcoin Mining?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have received a lot of media attention over the course of the last year due to the astronomical rise in prices in the cryptocurrency markets. This…
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Is Bitcoin a Hoax?

The excitement and hopefulness surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in January 2018 have turned to disappointment and panic as the price of Bitcoin has gone down by over 60%. A…
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Top Blockchain Based Social Networks

In the digitized world where everything exists in the virtual world, protection and security of data is a primary concern. Social media has become very popular these days so much…
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What determines the viability of Blockchain?

When it comes to stabilizing the current economic system, then we have to take into consideration various aspects of transactions, contracts, and their record-keeping. Although we have a well-defined system…
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