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How a Blockchain Certification Can Help You Earn Better

In today’s context, blockchain is the magic word for organizations across almost all industries as they are applying blockchain technology to solve complex problems. This magic is certainly rubbing off on career prospects and salaries for professionals who are currently working in the industry. In this article, we will see how a blockchain certification can…

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Blockchain Developer : Skills, Salary, and Future Scope

Today, we are living in the ‘blockchain era,’ with every industry adopting blockchain technology, which is all set to pioneer the next wave of tech innovations. As we know, blockchain is an open, decentralized digital ledger which records and manages transactions securely and transparently. Blockchain is one technology which has already caught the attention of…

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Blockchain Expert | Architect | Developer – Which Certification Suits You Best?

In today’s context, it is becoming indispensable to possess an in-depth knowledge of the innovations in technology, with special reference to the blockchain. It is important for everyone to have a thorough knowledge of the full range potential of blockchain technology. Choose from the umpteen number of multifaceted certifications available to leverage the opportunities presented…