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Blockchain Certification Guide

The first and best thing to know in life is ” What am I good at?”. On their own, people often struggle to choose the right path but a little help, people can reach their right potential. Here at Blockchain Council, we strive to help enthusiasts to understand what is the best way to move…

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Blockchain Study Material

80% of Blockchain Training depends upon the Study Material and the way the content is categorized and presented. Study Material topics convey what kind of information one particular subject consists and if the subject contains the topic of student’s interest. It’s not always necessary that the more the study material, better the content will be…

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Best Blockchain Exam

How do you define the best examination for Blockchain? Exams are supposed to be tough enough that triggers student to think hard on his/her’s training and knowledge gained.   There are numerous training programs out there that claim to provide certification for training. But is a Blockchain Training participation certificate enough to assess that the…