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Azerbaijan reveals plans to implement a blockchain system for a digital economy

Over the past few months, Azerbaijan has turned into a hotbed for several fintech-related announcements due to the apparent move of the nation’s authorities to implement a wide range of innovative technological solutions in e-government and banking systems. Reports by government representatives suggested that a part of the program relied on blockchain infrastructure. Azerbaijan’s State…

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Blockchain to help Cannabis Transformation

In Last one year, it is hard o imagine a conversation in the technology without having a mention about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies. Blockchain that forms the heart of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is one technology which is paving the way for change in the future. It is also laying the foundation stone for creating…

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Can a Blockchain Be Queried Like a Normal Database?

Blockchains have enormous potential to reduce counterparty risk and make useful applications more secure and decentralized. That is because Blockchains have been engineered to be completely tamper resistant. All of the nodes running on the network have to agree on one universal ledger that is determined by the consensus mechanism employed by the Blockchain. All…