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What are the benefits of a Blockchain-powered freelance platform?

2017 has been a year of some great changes; whether it was America’s election or North Korea doing an atomic test, this year was filled with breaking news. Amidst all this,  something which managed to grab the attention of every individual was Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Both these buzz words managed to remain in the…

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Blockchain Use Cases For Healthcare Industry

The Blockchain technology has made a serious impact and brought out initiatives to the financial technology industry. This initiative has helped to inspire the health industry with some great potentiality apps. The stakeholders of the healthcare industry are motivated and eager from the set of possibilities that Blockchain has presented. This new technology is powered…

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Learn Solidity: What’s Next?

Since now you have learned Solidity, you might be wondering what’s next? [shortcode id=”1983″] You should go & try below options: Create your own cryptocurrency Create a fully functional & professional crowd sale application Create a custom app of your own use case Learn MultiChain Blockchain Learn Hyperledger Learn to Create Proof-of-Existence application etc. Check out…