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Proposal for cross-chain governance gets approved on Aave

Serving as a top-tier Decentralized Finance portal facilitating easy lending and borrowing of crypto, Aave has successfully passed the first cross-chain governance proposal in its ecosystem. The developers of the project revealed that a proposal executed on Aave, designed on the Ethereum channel, was wired to the Polygon (MATIC) FxPortal. The Ethereum data was interpreted…

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What Is Aave? How To Buy Aave (AAVE)?

Want to know how to buy Aave? Don’t worry; we’ve got you. In this article, we will explore everything. Keep reading.    Aave is now considered one of the most popular Defi cryptocurrencies. The main reason behind its popularity is — the exceptional technology that comes along with it.    Basically, Aave is a cryptocurrency…

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All You Need to Know About: Aave- A DeFi Platform

In this article, we will talk about the most trending, DeFi Protocol, Aave. We will discuss how one can borrow in Aave, its advantages over other protocols, and what Aave V2 will add in the DeFi space.   Table of Contents   Defining DeFi  What is Aave? Lending and Borrowing in Aave Aave’s Added-on Advantages…