Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockchain Council?

We are a group of individuals & corporations evangelizing the Blockchain Research, Development, Knowledge, & Use Cases all over the world. We together strongly believe that Blockchain can change the way we use the technologies currently.

Who Founded Blockchain Council?

Blockchain Council is founded by Mr. Toshendra Sharma after he realizes that there is a dire need to officially make a close group of individuals or corporations who share the same thinking & are interested in doing some more work in this. Mr. Sharma, n the well-known instructor & speaker in Blockchain & Security space & has done his masters from IIT Bombay, India. You can reach out to him directly on his LinkedIn or Twitter.

Who are all the members?

The council is increasing day-by-day when the many individuals & organizations are joining it. Currently, we have several individuals & corporations onboard. We will be announcing the full list soon within a few weeks.

Can I be the member?

Yes. If you have the interest in Blockchain & are interested in building or helping other build something powerful in Blockchain then you can join the council.

How can I join the council?

Please fill this form to submit your details for the membership. Someone from our team will call you on your direct number of Skype to discuss how can we grow together. This might take 1-2 weeks to approve your membership.

What are the benefits of being the members of the Blockchain Council?

There are many benefits of Joining the council:

  • Each member will get free access to the highly curated & designed study material & E-Books worth of thousands of Dollars.
  • Each member will get Free “Certified Blockchain Expert” certification from Blockchain Council & 50% Off on all Other Certifications.
  • Free close webinars only for the Council Members.
  • Free local meetups in India & outside for the members with booze.
  • We together are working on offering more benefits to the members. So if you have something to offer to the whole council then please let us know.

Is there is joining Fees?

No. As of today, there are no joining fees. But the Council may change this to ensure the quality entry in the elite group.

Will you be able to promote my business?

No. As of now, we have no plans for this.

Do you offer ICO advice?

No. We strictly do NOT offer any advice on cryptocurrencies, trading & ICO investment. We do NOT promote any cryptocurrency & the investment in that same area. We are the group to promote the Blockchain technology.

Do you offer policy advisory?

Yes. We do offer our comments on the Blockchain & Technology related challenges & policies. If you are a government staff & looking for our comments on some issues, please feel free to reach out to us at

Do you offer paid advisory & consultancy on Blockchain projects?

We directly do not offer any paid service as of today though we can connect you with many of our members to give you the quality service.

Do you offer the job?

Sorry. We are not the job portal. That being said, to sustain the council, we do offer some certifications, training & webinars on Blockchain and development but these are without any job guarantee. We also have many requests from the member corporations to hire the Blockchain Developers. We can refer you to the corporations but can not provide any guarantee for the job.