Blockchain In Accounting and audting

Blockchain In Accounting And Audit

Public Blockchain provides the ecosystem with access to the details of every transaction related to accounting and auditing. Here is an infographic for how it

proof of work and proof of stake

Proof Of Work VS Proof Of Stake

Most of the Blockchains adopts a mix of both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. To know more about proof of work and stake check this infographic.

Audit smart contracts

Steps To Audit Smart Contracts

Smart Contacts work together with the blockchain technology and automatically generates to its full potential. Learn How to Develop and Audit Smart Contracts.

Blockchain Stats And Facts

Blockchain Stats And Facts

These blockchain stats seem interesting, right? Become a member of Blockchain Council and be up to date with the latest blockchain industry developments. If you


Blockchain For Government Services

The blockchain is now a trending topic of discussion for politics with government officials who are keen to understand the dynamics of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain For Voting System

Blockchain For Voting System

The blockchain protocol is a means of logging and verifying records that is transparent and distributed among users. Usually, votes are recorded, managed, counted and

Blockchain for Supply Chain

Blockchain For Supply Chain

Efficient Supply Chain Management not only ensures timely delivery of goods to keep customers satisfied but also brings down costs for the manufacturer by reducing

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