Top 10 Highest Paying Blockchain Jobs 2021

Blockchain is considered to be one of the top skills in the IT industry. People are getting more curious about blockchain technology and blockchain platform as they provided considerable benefits to companies or enterprises dealing with different services. Now, the companies are hiring and opening opportunities for individuals having blockchain certification and the required skill -set. Lets us discuss the top highest paying Blockchain jobs available in the job market in this article. 

Table Of Content

  • Overview
  • Demand for Blockchain Technology Jobs
  • Which are the highest paying Blockchain Jobs?
  • Conclusion


Blockchain is an emerging skill that many industries adapt to improve their systems, increasing security, transparency, and faster communication. Most of all, blockchain technology offers decentralized systems and networks. With the increasing demand of the technology, job opportunity is also increasing. Candidates having in-depth knowledge about the basic blockchain networks, platforms, terminologies can apply for suitable jobs. Also, people holding computer science degrees and blockchain certification have great opportunities to get hired as a Blockchain developer, Blockchain engineer, blockchain professionals, etc. 

For attracting the best jobs in blockchain technology, it is advised to have a comprehensive knowledge of blockchain fundamentals and hold blockchain certification. There are several online platforms available where you can learn blockchain concepts in detail. Blockchain Council is one of them where you can find exclusive and trending technology-based certification to give your career a kick start. 

Demand for Blockchain Technology Jobs

The demand for blockchain is increasing rapidly. Also, around 25% of the industry has adopted blockchain technology and is actively working on blockchain-based applications. Blockchain jobs are gaining immense popularity, and blockchain professionals’ pay scale is relatively high and more than satisfactory. Companies dealing with blockchain development or working with blockchain technology require skilled people who can develop decentralized applications, work on blockchain platforms, implement and provide solutions. Top multinational companies like Microsoft, IBM, TCS, Accenture, and many more offer blockchain jobs. 

Let us find out the highest-paying blockchain jobs where blockchain aspirants must apply. 

Which are the Highest Paying Blockchain Jobs?

If you are looking to start your career in blockchain, you must review the job options you will get while working on blockchain technology. With the extreme popularity of technology, job opportunities are skyrocketing, and individuals with blockchain certification and skills are earning well. 

Here are some of the highest paying blockchain job roles which you must check and develop the skills accordingly. 

  • Blockchain Developer 

Software developers are one of the most popular job roles in blockchain technology. Many companies hire Blockchain developers to perform the best solutions and create new technologies using their advanced skills. You can be a core blockchain developer or software blockchain developer. Skills required for the Blockchain developer are in-depth knowledge of blockchain architecture, cryptography, data structure, web development, and proficiency in programming languages like Java, C++, Solidity, Python, etc. Any added skills be an added advantage. Learn Blockchain Developer skills by pursuing Blockchain Developer Certification

Average Salary as per Glassdoor $1,07,112 per year. 

  • Blockchain Architect

Blockchain Architects are responsible for managing, designing, and connecting the various parts of the blockchain system. They have to create a suitable architecture for the required system. You can also enroll yourself into the Certified Blockchain Architect to learn more about the skills required for the blockchain Architect.

Average Salary as per Glassdoor $1,07,640 per year.  

  • Blockchain Security Engineer 

Blockchain Security engineer is another highest paying blockchain job, and it has also gained popularity in the IT industry. The Blockchain security engineer’s responsibility is to work directly with the developers and audit their code in terms of security. They make sure that the products like smart contracts, Dapps, and protocols are secured.  

Average Salary as per Glassdoor – $1,09,862 per year.  

  • Blockchain Product Manager

A blockchain project manager is responsible for managing the particular project and keeping the link between the organization and blockchain experts. The project manager must have management skills, leadership quality, best communication skills, and expertise in technology.  

This is one of the demanding jobs in the field of blockchain. 

Average Salary as per Indeed $96,868 per year.

  • Blockchain UX Designer

For developing a unique and user-friendly interface, UX designers are needed. Every organization dealing with blockchain technology prefers a UX designer to establish the designs for navigating with the users. If you are keen to be a Blockchain UX designer, you must have creative and technical skills which will benefit the organization. 

Average Salary as per–  $107,500 per year.

  • Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineers are specialized in creating decentralized applications (DApps). They must have in-depth knowledge of new technology and programming skills. Blockchain engineers are in high demand in MNC like General Electrical (GE) and  Robert Bosch.

Average Salary as per Glassdoor – $1,01,961

  • Blockchain Quality Engineer 

The Blockchain Quality Engineers manages to check all the applications that are to be executed by testing. Also, they make sure to check the quality of every system related to blockchain. Companies prefer someone who can handle the responsibility of delivering the end product for the company free from bugs and glitches. For this role, you must have profound knowledge of blockchain platforms, frameworks, manual testing techniques. Also, additionals skills like communication, quick thinking, problem-solving, etc., will be an add-on. 

Average Salary as per Glassdoor –  $79,576 per year

  • Blockchain Consultant 

A blockchain consultant is one of the highest-paying blockchain jobs. Companies like IBM and Microsoft hire individuals who have the technical knowledge and offer the strategies that help solve the problems. Also, risk management skills are required when working with such disruptive technology. 

Average Salary as per Glassdoor – $82,482 per year

  • Blockchain Legal Consultant 

To handle all the legal complications for the blockchain-based companies, Blockchain Legal consultants are hired. It is the highest-paying blockchain job. The responsibilities of such individuals are to offer advice and structure for cryptocurrency or other coin offerings. Also, to look over the smart contracts whether they are meeting the regulatory requirements. Blockchain consultants must have a basic understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading. Also, the legal implications of the particular country are taken into consideration.

Average Salary as per Glassdoor – $89,906 per year

  • Blockchain Analyst

Blockchain Analyst is also one of the blockchain jobs which has a high pay scale.  Blockchain Analyst can be recruited as a Risk Analyst and the Business Analyst. Blockchain Risk analyst analyses the risk factors existing on a particular application or system. Also, they figure out the potential threats. As a result, they offer some solutions to overcome that particular risk. 

The business analyst tends to provide the best business strategies which will eventually or instantly benefit the organization. Also, they have the skills to provide improvements and solutions that will positively impact its growth. Blockchain Analysts must have in-depth blockchain technical skills.    

Average Salary as per Glassdoor – $69,717 per year


So far, we have discussed the highest paying Blockchain jobs, including blockchain developer, blockchain analyst, Blockchain engineer, and many more as blockchain technology is rapidly taking over every industry. It is crucial to learn blockchain concepts build blockchain skills to get recruited in these excellent paying jobs. 

Check out Blockchain Courses and Certifications at Blockchain Council to gain an extensive understanding of the blockchain platforms and applications. This will boost your skillset and increase your chances of getting recruited as one of the above-mentioned high-paying blockchain job roles.