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Embrace Blockchain, AI, & Web3 with a range of certifications offered by the Blockchain Council, designed to suit enthusiasts from all backgrounds. Join our elite community & enjoy network offerings to kickstart your Deep Tech journey.

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Learn & Qualify

Learn about the key areas and implementation of blockchain technology to distinguish your professional profile and get certified by Blockchain Council.

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Elevate your career in Blockchain, AI and Web3 technologies and embark on a journey of innovation. Gain firsthand experience in building applications and projects as you learn from the field experts. 

Lead & Grow

Imbibe thought leadership and create large impact by providing blockchain-based solutions to businesses and enterprise applications.

Boost & Acquire

Cutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills.

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Next on
27 & 28 July, 2024

Certified Generative AI Expert™ Interactive Live Training

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents the cutting edge of technological innovation, seamlessly blending creativity and intelligence. It’s a field where algorithms and networks
Next on
10 & 11 Aug, 2024

Certified Cryptocurrency Trader™ Interactive Live Training

The Certified Cryptocurrency Trader™ (CCT) program by Blockchain Council is where you can master the Cryptocurrency market by learning from veterans in the Cryptocurrency space.

Next on
31 Aug & 01 Sept, 2024

Certified ChatGPT Expert Interactive Live Training

Advance your career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our interactive Certified ChatGPT Expert Certification program. 

Our Key Members

Toshendra Sharma

Founder & CEO

Brian Raisl

Strategy & Operations Executive
Biz Ops + Data + AI @Sensate

Damian Cooper-Smith

Strategic Technology Leader

Vertical and Emerging Markets

Aidan Wyer


Francis S K Lee

Executive Director
Edvance International

Toni Garballo

Iberian HUB Technical Director

Schneider Electric

Luís Costa

CTO & Founder

Bob Cavalieri

Senior Manager – Data & Analytics Governance

David Schwed

Chief Operating Officer

Ash Bonebrake

Power Platforms, LLC

Ingo Harpel

Senior Program Manager

Nancy Weinberger

Chief Operations Officer
Junior’s Cheesecake

Mark Schindler

Managing Director

Sajjad Sadeghi

Founder & President
Driftwood Nature

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